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There are many people, listed here, contributing to the organizing of the technical program for ICA 2013. The Technical Program Chair bears overall responsibility for the technical program. A Scientific Advisory Committee was assembled to provide guidance and support. This committee is composed of representatives from the various technical committees of the ASA, from the CAA, and from the international community.

Papers will be organized by technical field into sessions. Some sessions will be "contributed" sessions, formed by putting together contributed papers in related technical areas. Other sessions will be "special" or structured sessions: these will be arranged by an organizer who will invite key authors to present talks in a specific technical area. Click here to jump ahead to the list of special sessions and their organizers. CAA Technical Program Coordinators encouraged the organizing of special sessions from the Canadian acoustical community.

Representatives from the Technical Committees of the Acoustical Society of America and from the Canadian Acoustical Association met 15-16 February 2013 to assemble the final technical program. This is the Technical Program Committee, chaired by the Technical Program Chair

Listed on a separate webpage are the people contributing to the General Organization of ICA 2013.

Technical Program Chair

Luc Mongeau (McGill University, Montréal)

CAA Technical Program Coordinators

Tim Kelsall (Hatch Associates)
Kathy Pichora-Fuller (University of Toronto)

Scientific Advisory Committee

Philippe Blanc-Benon (France)
Murray Campbell (United Kingdom)
Alexander Case (USA)
Douglas Cato (Australia)
Michael Döllinger (Germany)
Stan Dosso (Canada)
Hugo Fastl (Germany)
Michael Heinz (USA)
Finn Jacobsen (Denmark)
Jeffrey Ketterling (USA)
Ole Næsbye Larsen (Denmark)
Luigi Maffei (Italy)
Robert McGough (USA)
Albert Migliori (USA)
Thomas Moore (USA)
Masayuki Morimoto (Japan)
Cynthia Moss (USA)
Benjamin Munson (USA)
Jorge Patricio (Portugal)
James Phillips (USA)
Roger Richards (USA)
Massimo Ruzzene (USA)
Martin Siderius (USA)
Scott Sommerfeldt (USA)
Dajun Tang (USA)
Jing Tian (China)
Ning Xiang (USA)
Suk Wang Yoon (Korea)

Technical Program Organizing Committee

This committee met 15-16 February 2013 to assemble the technical program for ICA 2013. Over 1600 papers were organized into 174 technical sessions. The representatives are listed here by the technical area that they covered.

Acoustical Oceanography
Rex Andrew

Animal Bioacoustics
Bruce Martin

Architectural Acoustics
Eric L. Reuter

Biomedical Acoustics
Ronald A. Roy
Jeffrey A. Ketterling

Educational Acousticsy
Preston S. Wilson

Engineering Acoustics
Roger T. Richards

Musical Acoustics
Gary Scavone

Kenneth A. Cunefare
Kenneth H. Kaliski

Physical Acoustics
Bart Lipkens
Junru Wu

Psychological & Physiological Acoustics
Michael G. Heinz
Judy R. Dubno

Signal Processing in Acoustics
Jens Meyer
Ning Xiang

Speech Communication
Benjamin R. Munson
Molly E. Babel

Structural Acoustics and Vibration
Robert M. Koch

Underwater Acoustics
James F. Lynch

Canadian Acoustical Association
Christian Giguère
Kathy Pichora-Fuller

Special Session Organizers

Special sessions on a wide variety of topics in acoustics are being organized for ICA 2013. Listed below are these special sessions and their organizers. The sessions are grouped according to technical area.

Acoustical Oceanography

  • Estuarine Acoustics
    Organized by: Andone C. Lavery
  • Seismic Oceanography
    Organized by: Warren Wood, Josette P. Fabre

Animal Bioacoustics

  • Animal Vocal Modification in Noise
    Organized by: Susan E. Parks
  • Conditioning, Segmentation, and Feature Extraction in Bioacoustic Signals
    (Joint with Signal Processing in Acoustics)
    Organized by: David K. Mellinger
  • Listening in the Natural Environment
    (Joint with Psychological and Physiological Acoustics, Signal Processing in Acoustics, and Noise)
    Organized by: Cynthia F. Moss, Peter M. Narins
  • Metrics, Units, and Noise Criteria
    (Joint with Noise and ASA Committee on Standards)
    Organized by: Michael Stocker
  • Perceiving Objects
    (Joint with Psychological and Physiological Acoustics)
    Organized by: Caroline M. DeLong, Eduardo Mercado III

Architectural Acoustics

  • Adapting, Enhancing, and Fictionalizing Room Acoustics
    (Joint with Psychological and Physiological Acoustics and Signal Processing in Acoustics)
    Organized by: K. Anthony Hoover, Alex U. Case
  • Advanced Analysis of Room Acoustics: Looking Beyond ISO3382
    (Joint with Signal Processing in Acoustics)
    Organized by: Michael Vorländer, Boaz Rafaely, Samuel W. Clapp
  • Balancing Risk and Innovation in Acoustical Consulting
    Organized by: Eric L. Reuter
  • Cultivating the Sustainable in Architectural Acoustics
    (Joint with Noise)
    Organized by: Jesse J. Ehnert
  • Dah-You Maa: His Contributions and Life in Acoustics
    (Joint with Noise)
    Organized by: Ning Xiang, Jing Tian
  • Footstep Noise Control for Multi-Family Floors
    Organized by: Lin Hu, Ciprian Pirvu
  • New Materials for Architectural Acoustics
    (Joint with Noise and Physical Acoustics)
    Organized by: Matthew V. Golden
  • Room Acoustics Computer Simulation
    Organized by: Diemer de Vries, Lauri Savioja
  • Senior and Hearing Impaired Room Treatments
    (Joint with Psychological and Physiological Acoustics)
    Organized by: Bonnie Schnitta
  • Vibration in Music Performance
    (Joint with Musical Acoustics)
    Organized by: Clemeth L. Abercrombie
  • Virtual Concert Hall Acoustics
    (Joint with Musical Acoustics)
    Organized by: Sungyoung Kim, Wieslaw Woszczyk

Biomedical Acoustics

  • Acoustic Microscopy: Biomedical Applications
    Organized by: John S. Allen
  • Biophysical Mechanisms of Sonoporation
    (Joint with Physical Acoustics)
    Organized by: Richard Manasseh
  • Delivery of Nucleic Acids (DNA, siRNA, antisense oligos)
    Organized by: Tyrone M. Porter
  • High-Frequency Ultrasound (20-80 MHz)
    Organized by: Michael L. Oelze
  • Ultrasound Tomography
    Organized by: Yun Jing

Educational Acoustics

  • Take 5's
    Organized by: Andrew C. Morrison
  • Tools for Teaching Advanced Acoustics
    Organized by: David T. Bradley
  • Listen Up and Get Involved
    (Joint with Women in Acoustics)
    Organized by: Marcia J. Isakson, Tracianne B. Neilson

Engineering Acoustics

  • Acoustics for Navigation
    Organized by: Rob White
  • Active and Passive Control of Fan Noise
    Organized by: Anthony Gérard, Alain Berry
  • Computational Methods in Transducer Design, Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization
    Organized by: Daniel M. Warren
  • Directional and Non-Directional Microelectromechanical Microphones
    Organized by: Gary W. Elko
  • Fiber Optic Sensors for Seismic Sensing
    (Joint with Underwater Acoustics)
    Organized by: R. Daniel Costley, Daniel Finfer
  • Non-Contact Ultrasonic Methods
    Organized by: Michael Haberman, Nico Declercq
  • Sound Field Control in the Ear Canal
    Organized by: Pablo Hoffman

Musical Acoustics

  • Aeroacoustics of Wind Instruments and Human Voice
    (Joint with Signal Processing in Acoustics)
    Organized by: Shigeru Yoshikawa, Xavier Pelorsen
  • Measurements, Modeling, and Simulations of Brass Instruments
    Organized by: James W. Beauchamp, Wilfried Kausel, Thomas R. Moore
  • Perception and Orchestration Practice
    (Joint with Psychological and Physiological Acoustics)
    Organized by: Stephen McAdams
  • Player/Instrument Coupling
    (Joint with Psychological and Physiological Acoustics)
    Organized by: Gary P. Scavone
  • Transient Phenomena in Wind Instruments: Experiments and Time Domain Modeling
    Organized by: Murray Campbell, Stefan Bilbao


  • Advanced Hearing Protection and Methods of Measurement
    Organized by: Jérémie Voix, Christian Giguère, Elliott H. Berger
  • Children's Perception of Noise
    Organized by: Kerstin Persson Waye, Janina Fels
  • Community Noise
    Organized by: Eric L. Reuter
  • Communityh Response to Low-Amplitude Sonic Booms
    Organized by: Alexandra Loubeau, Juliet Page
  • Current US and Canadian Noise Standards
    (Joint with ASA Committee on Standards)
    Organized by: Richard L. McKinley
  • Effects of Noise on Human Performance and Comfort
    (Joint with Architectural Acoustics and Psychological and Physiological Acoustics)
    Organized by: Lily M. Wang
  • Future of Acoustics
    (Joint with Animal Bioacoustics, Acoustical Oceanography, Underwater Acoustics, and Signal Processing in Acoustics)
    Organized by: Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp, Michael J. Buckingham
  • International Aviation Noise Standards
    (Joint with ASA Committee on Standards)
    Organized by: Victor W. Sparrow
  • Soundscape and Its Application
    (Joint with Architectural Acoustics)
    Organized by: Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp
  • Urban Acoustics
    Organized by: J. L. Bento Coelho, Christian Popp
  • Wind Turbine Noise
    (Joint with ASA Committee on Standards, Engineering Acoustics, and Structural Acoustics and Vibration)
    Organized by: Nancy S. Timmerman, Paul Schomer, Sheryl Grace

Physical Acoustics

  • Acoustics in Microfluidics and for Particle Separation
    (Joint with Biomedical Acoustics)
    Organized by: Lawrence A. Crum, Michel Versluis, Yong-Joe Kim
  • Borehole Acoustics Logging for Hydrocarbons Reservoir Characterization
    Organized by: Said Assous, Weichang Li
  • Nanoacoustics
    Organized by: Srikar Vegallatore
  • Chemical and Non-Medical Biological Effects of Ultrasound
    Organized by: Kenneth Suslick, Hao Feng

Psychological and Physiological Acoustics

  • Binaural Hearing and Binaural Techniques
    Organized by: Janina Fels, Pablo Hoffmann
  • Biomechanics of Hearing
    (Joint with Animal Bioacoustics)
    Organized by: Sunil Puria
  • Celebrating a "Long" Career: Explorations of Auditory Physiology and Psychoacoustics
    Organized by: Jungmee Lee, Elizabeth A. Strickland
  • Computational Modeling of Sensorineural Hearing Loss: Models and Applications
    (Joint with Speech Communication)
    Organized by: Michael G. Heinz, Torsten Dau
  • In Memory of Bertram Scharf: Five Decades of Contributions to Auditory Perception
    Organized by: Mary Florentine, Huanping Dai
  • Learning by Listening: Education in Acoustics Based on Listening
    Organized by: Kaoru Ashihara, Akira Nishimura
  • Multimodal Influences on Auditory Spatial Perception
    Organized by: Shuichi Sakamoto, William L. Martens
  • Recent Trends in Psychoacoustics
    Organized by: Hugo Fastl, Sonoko Kuwano

Signal Processing in Acoustics

  • Array Signal Processing for 3-D Audio
    Organized by: Yang Hann Kim, Jung-Woo Choi
  • Methods and Applications of Time-Frequency Analysis
    (Joint with ASA Committee on Standards)
    Organized by: Leon Cohen, Patrick J. Loughlin
  • Nearfield Acoustic Holography (NAH) Measurements and Applications
    (Joint with Structural Acoustics and Vibration, Engineering Acoustics, and Physical Acoustics)
    Organized by: Christopher Barber, Brian Fowler
  • Sampling Methods for Bayesian Analysis and Inversions in Acoustic Applications
    (Joint with Acoustical Oceanography and Architectural Acoustics)
    Organized by: Cameron Fackler, Ning Xiang

Speech Communication

  • Auditory Feedback in Speech Production.
    Organized by: Anders Lofqvist, Chuck Larson
  • Autocorrelation-Based Features for Speech Perception
    Organized by: Yoichi Ando, Peter Cariani
  • Components of Informational Masking
    Organized by: Gaston Hilkhuysen
  • Distinguishing Between Science and Pseudoscience in Forensic Acoustics
    Organized by: Geoffrey Stewart Morrison, Joseph Campbell
  • Flow, Structure, and Acoustic Interactions During Voice Production
    Organized by: Scott Thomson
  • Imitation, Accommodation, and Convergence in Speech Communication
    Organized by: Molly E. Babel, Kuniko Nielsen
  • Mixed Effects Modeling: Applications and Practice in Speech Research
    Organized by: Christian DiCanio, Benjamin Munson
  • Variability in Speech Intelligibility: Behavioral and Neural Perspectives
    Organized by: Rajka Smiljanic, Bharath Chandrasekaran

Structural Acoustics and Vibration

  • Acoustic Metamaterials
    (Joint with Noise, Engineering Acoustics and Physical Acoustics)
    Organized by: Dean E. Capone, Yun Jing
  • History and Application of Constrained Layer Damping
    Organized by: Benjamin M. Shafer
  • Measurement and Modeling of Structures with Attached Noise Control Materials
    Organized by: Noureddine Atalla, Franck Sgard
  • Memorial Session in Honor of Miguel Junger
    Organized by: David Feit, Joel M. Garrelick
  • Noise Control Methods for Composite Structures
    (Joint with Engineering Acoustics and Noise)
    Organized by Gopal P. Mathur

Underwater Acoustics

  • Arctic Acoustics and Applications
    (Joint with Acoustical Oceanography)
    Organized by: Juan I. Arvelo, Stan E. Dosso
  • Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) via Fiber Optic Cable
    (Joint with Engineering Acoustics)
    Organized by: Daniel Finfer, Emery Ku, R. Daniel Costley
  • Seabed Scattering: Measurements, Modeling and Mechanisms
    Organized by: Charles Holland, Gavin Steininger
  • Sparse Process Modeling Techniques for Acoustic Signal Processing
    (Joint with Signal Processing in Acoustics)
    Organized by: Geoffrey F. Edelmann, Paul J. Gendron
  • Using Graphic Processing Units for Computationally Intensive Applications in Acoustic Modeling and Signal Processing
    (Joint with Signal Processing in Acoustics)
    Organized by: Paul Hursky

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