Paper Submission

The Call for Papers will be published at the Acoustical Society of America website in early October 2012. In parallel, all member Societies of the ICA will receive a notification that they can pass on to their members.

As with all ICA congresses, ICA 2013 will feature a Proceedings (see Past Proceedings). All technical presentations will have a corresponding proceedings manuscript.

There are four steps necessary for people wishing to present a paper at ICA 2013:

  1. Submit an abstract online by the 15 November 2012 deadline.
  2. Authors will be invited to prepare a proceedings manuscript (2-8 pages) and submit it to a website that will be made available here at a later date. The deadline for these submissions is 22 January 2013. Instructions and templates for the preparation of your manuscript will be available at the POMA submission site once you login. The POMA submission site is no longer accepting manuscripts.
  3. Corresponding authors must pay their preregistration fees by the 22 January 2013 deadline. If they are submitting more than one manuscript, they will also need to pay a $100 publication fee for each additional manuscript.
  4. After acceptance of their paper, authors will be invited to prepare their presentation (e.g., PowerPoint) and submit them to the Presentation Management System site. Authors will be able to upload their presentations two months ahead of ICA 2013 or the day before their scheduled technical session. Authors will be able to review and modify their presentations at any time.

To have your presentation included in the technical program and in the Proceedings, both the manuscript and the meeting registration fee must be submitted by 22 January 2012.

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