Welcome to ICA 2013 → General Organization

Here is the team working on the general organization of the 21st International Congress on Acoustics:

General Chair
Michael Stinson

Vice Chairs
Gilles Daigle
Charles Schmid

Technical Program Chair
Luc Mongeau

CAA Liaison
Christian Giguère

Exposition Manager
Richard Peppin

Local Committee
Alayne Moody
Douglas O'Shaughnessy
Linda Polka
Annie Ross
Gary Scavone
Jérémie Voix

NRC Conference Services Office
    Michèle Bourgeois-Doyle

ASA Melville Office
    Elaine Moran

Hotel Reservations
Tourisme Montréal

Listed on a separate webpage are the people contributing to the Technical Program Organization.

ICA Board
Michael Vorländer (President)
Charles Schmid (Vice-President)
Marion Burgess (Secretary-General)
Antonio Perez-Lopez (Treasurer)
Samir Gerges (Past-President)
Michael Stinson (Canada)
Jing Tian (China)
Dorte Hammershøi (Denmark)
Philippe Blanc-Benon (France)
Adriano Alippi (Italy)
Sonoko Kuwano (Japan)
Jeong-Guon Ih (Korea)
Eugeniusz Kozaczka (Poland)
Vyacheslav Maslov (Russia)
Yiu Lam (United Kingdom)
Frank Wells (AES)
Jean Kergomard (EAA)
Jorge Patricio (FIA)
Stephen A. Stansfield (ICBEN)
Bogumil Linde (ICU)
Luis Bento Coelho (IIAV)
Rajendra Singh (I-INCE)
Masayuki Morimoto (WESPAC)

ASA Officers and Executive Council
David L. Bradley (President)
James H. Miller (President-Elect)
Michael Stinson (Vice President)
Peter Dahl (Vice President-Elect)
David Feit (Treasurer)
Allan Pierce (Editor-in-Chief)
Paul Schomer (Standards Director)
Charles Schmid (Executive Director)
Mardi Hastings (Past President)
Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp (Past Vice President)
Michael Buckingham
Barbara Shinn-Cunningham
James Lynch
Maureen Stone
Marcia Isakson
Vera Khokhlova

CAA Officers and Directors
Christian Giguère (President)
Stan Dosso (Past President)
Chantal Laroche (Executive Secretary)
Dalila Giusti (Treasurer)
Frank Russo (Editor-in-Chief)
Hugues Nélisse
Sean Pecknold
Roberto Racca
Jérémie Voix
Kathy Pichora-Fuller
Bryan Gick
Karen Turner
Bill Gastmeier

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